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Many, many moons after Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, and Windclan faded away to a mere memory four new clans came to be. Duskclan, the brave and strong. Rainclan, the smart and swift. Cinderclan, the cunning and stealthy. And Brookclan, the sleek and loyal. These cats would die to defend their clan and The Warrior Code. This is their story.

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These are characters I have been writing about for THREE years now. It is about time I share their story. I might not be able to remember a few details but I can assure you that this wiki will one day be so full of OC reading material. Eventually I would love for people to create their own OCs or even create one to add to one of the four clans. However for now let me establish the characters I have put so much of my time into. Also, when I do allow people to add their own cats into the clans do NOT make them leader, deputy, medicine cat, or have any relation to my characters at first. Leave a description and maybe even a picture of your cat and personality. NOTE: When you create these characters you give me the right to write about your characters the way I want to. I will be able to write your characters into the stories. If you're not happy with who the cats become tell me and I will fix it. Remember the more information you give me on this cat the more likely I am to stay completely true to your character. I will announce it when you can at last create your characters!


Let me tell you about myself real quick. My name: Emily Sparrowpaw, comes from the account I created for the Star Stable Online wiki so don't be mad that i is not a warriors name or an original name. It is the name of my SSO account.

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